Yes, A Bettor Placed A One Hundred-to-1 Wager On Tiger Woods To Win The Masters

Tiger Woods might play the 2022 Masters. He won’t. But one bettor is now desperate for a specific end result.

Holiday season is here, and all of sudden your bank account starts to take a hit. It’s natural. Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Small Business Saturday — money is going to exit the door. You can spend a bunch of it on this very website snagging golf equipment. Or you can supply it away to a sports book and desire to gain lower back every dollar and more in a golf bet, similar to one character did this week inside the wake of Tiger Woods’ viral practice range video.

Chances are you’ve seen the tape already. Woods training on my own in the front of a release monitor at the range at Medalist, his home membership. It became the first video of Woods that he’s posted to his social media feeds on the grounds that his tragic car twist of fate in February.

What Tiger Woods’ three-2nd swing video famous approximately Tiger WoodsBy:Michael Bamberger

He wasn’t simply swinging the membership — he become taking divots, too. It become a complete swing iron shot, and it appeared easy. It appeared like Tiger, simply now with a sleeve on his right decrease leg. And it turned into enough to encourage one punter at a Nevada sports e book to go all-in.

According to SuperBook Nevada, one better placed a $1,046 bet on Woods to win the 2022 Masters, that unique event that, one week ago, we weren’t certain he’d ever compete in once more. Woods’ crew has kept his public appearances extraordinarily quiet, as well as his development through rehabbing the injuries he sustained within the twist of fate. Charley Hoffman anticipated Woods might return. Justin Thomas said he couldn’t see Woods gambling on Tour if he didn’t play nicely. Both seemed to realize some thing, but we didn’t recognize what.

Will Woods play the 2022 Masters? It’s a entire unknown up to now. We have visible one swing on one three-2d video. But that became sufficient for the bettor noted above to chase the one hundred-to-1 odds listed subsequent to Woods’ call whilst he made the provide. That should be a few simple math for the parents at home to realise. $1,046 at one hundred-to-1 odds? It’ll equal a payout of income of $104,six hundred if Woods is somehow capable of make magic again at Augusta National.

We don’t ought to get into the information of what may preserve this from taking place. Those are quite apparent, among the uphill rehab battle Woods is still enduring, or the countless killers at the PGA Tour who need a green jacket of their own.

If Woods does come what may play, although, 100-to-1 odds might be pretty the ticket to own. If he were to play, he’d know he became capable of walking seventy two holes in 4 days. His again would have to be healthy sufficient to make approximately 1,000 swings that week. His sport would have to be airtight as ever. So don’t cross scoffing at those odds distributed with the aid of the bookmaker. They’re extremely honest.

Let’s attempt to stay a touch patient as the person continues to make “progress.” Tiger Woods

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